Soggy meeting for Cotswold

Cotswold Youth and AMX were in action again at the Rushwick track near Worcester on Sunday 4th August. A few track improvements had been made since the last meeting, with new jumps and some new sections of track added.

 Three blocks of racing were held, the first block being in good conditions, the second block in very heavy rain and the third block on a very wet and sticky track.

First off were the seniors. Race 1 saw Andy Fitzgerald get off to a blistering start, hotly pursued by Rob Yates (Bridgestone Suzuki) and Jack Biddle. Fitzgerald held off a hard charging Yates to take the race win. Fitzgerald took the overall 250F class with Zac Harris the second 250F. Yates took the 125cc win from Biddle, Craig Lawrence, Conner Franklin and Alistair Garness. There were good battles for the top six positions with Zac Hackett, Jack Gillett and Curtis Carter. Race 2 was very wet conditions changing the track totally. The race 1 battle resumed with Fitzgerald, Yates and Biddle in close formation. Biddle lost ground after a fall, but rejoined to retain his position. Fitzgerald took the 250F win from Harris, with Yates, Biddle and Alistair Garness taking the top three 125cc positions. Consistent rides in the terrible rain from Garness, Franklin, Hackett and Gillett kept them in the running for a podium 125cc position.

Race 3, the rain had stopped and the conditions had changed to wet sticky mud. Again it was the same three battling for the lead, but this time Biddle showed his mastery of the conditions. Mid-way through Yates pulled up with a mechanical problem, leaving Biddle a good lead over Fitzgerald. Jack Kear came into his own in these conditions to take the 3rd spot in the 125cc , not far behind Garness in 2nd position. Gillett took a creditable fourth position.

 In the AMX all three races were dominated by Kawasaki mounted Gerwin Exon, who was consistently fast despite the deteriorating conditions. Also in the running were Alistair Hunt, Steve Plant and James Philpotts. Hunt consolidated his 2nd overall with a 5th and two 2nd positions. Plant improved in every race with a 7th, 4th and 3rd positions to take the 3rd place on the podium.

Paul Longford in the AMX Open battled with Ryan Bawn for the top Open positions. An early challenge by a hard charging Ben Gillett in race 1 ended when Gillett’s Yamaha 450 suffered a mechanical failure. Bawn took the race 1 win and was second in race 2, but failed to finish race 3. Longford took a 2nd and two 1st positions to take the overall class win. Jake Guy put in three good rides to take the 2nd overall position, as did Russ Boyles to take the 3rd step.

 Andy Little took the overall in the Vets AMX with two race wins. Rob Nash came in a fine 2nd overall and Matt Norris took the 3rd place.  The weather took its toll on the Vets AMX with no riders competing in the last race! Mark Fereday took 4th with Bill Atkinson and Steve Franklin 5th and 6th respectively.

The Vets Open was won overall by Andrew Rocky, with Lee Barrett 2nd and Nigel Hackett 3rd. Steve Mustow finished the open in 4th place.

 The Big Wheel 85 was a hotly contested class with a number of riders in the running for a race win. Brad Edwards had three impressive races taking two wins and 3rd to take the overall win. The race for 2nd was a tough fight between Brad Priest, Dan Wheeler and Nathan Bache. These traded places in all three races with Bache taking 2nd spot with two 3rds and a race win. Wheeler took a 4th and two seconds to grab the 3rd place and Priest came in 4th with a 2nd and two 4th places. Aston Tutt proved she is improving all the time with two 6th’s and 5th place, followed by Joe Brisco, Simon Boyles and Solly Carter.

 The Small Wheel 85 class was also a hard fought class. Dominic Lancett was unbeatable with three straight wins to take the overall position. Will Wheeler came in 2nd with two 2nds and 3rd position. The 3rd place overall was closely fought between Efan Loring and Will Wheeler with Wheeler taking the second spot. Rhys Baker, Kyle Sheppard and Declan Roden took 4th, 5th and 6th places. Emily Noon and Callum Shepherdson completed all three races to finish 7th and 8th respectively.

 The Junior 65cc class was a great battle with a number of riders sharing the honours to take the overall spot. With two 1st’s and a 4th , the ever improving Hedley Longford took the overall position. Battling for 2nd overall was Josh Noon with two 5th’s and his maiden race win in race 3. A close 3rd and tied on points was Kyran Billing, with Noon’s final race win deciding the position. The 4th, 5th and 6th positions were closely fought with Thomas Garness, Callum Baldwin and Nathan Thomlinson taking the places respectively with a only few points separating them. Excellent performances in all three races gave Finn Corbijn, Bryn Brookes, Cameron Jackson and Daniel Hope positions of 7th to 10th respectively.

 Autos were last and all riders deserve credit for their determination in the wet conditions. Convincing winner was Charlie Palmer with three straight wins, who revelled in the wet and was in a class of his own. Lewis Roden and Jake Randle took the next two places, with Roden securing three 2nd positions. Fine rides from Kesley Nisbett, Sam Morris and Ben Mustoe got them 4th to 6th positions.

 Final positions:


125cc – 1. Jack Biddle, 2. Alistair Garness, 3. Jack Gillett, 4. Jack Kear, 5. Rob Yates, 6. Craig Lawrence

250F – 1. Andy Fitzgerald, 2. Zac Harris


1.       Gerwin Exon, 2. Alistair Hunt, 3. Stephen Plant, 4. James Philpotts, 5. Dain Traylor, 6. Will Holden

AMX Open –

1.       Paul Longford, 2. Jake Guy, 3. Russ Boyles, 4. Chris Denslow, 5. Ryan Bawn, 6. Luke Dowsing


1.       Andy Little, 2. Rob Nash, 3. Matt Norris, 4. Mark Fereday, 5. Bill Atkinson, 6. Steve Franklin

VETS Open –

1.       Andrew Rocky, 2. Lee Barrett, 3. Nigel Hackett, 4. Steve Mustoe

BW85cc –

1.       Brad Edwards, 2. Nathan Bache, 3. Dan Wheeler, 4. Brad Priest, 5. Aston Tutt, 6. Joe Brisco

SW 85cc –

1.       Dominic Lancett, 2. Will Wheeler, 3. Efan Loring, 4. Rhys Baker, 5. Kyle Shappard, 6. Declan Roden

65cc Juniors –

1.       Hedley Longford, 2. Josh Noon, 3. Kyran Billing, 4. Thomas Garness, 5. Callum Baldwin, 6. Nathan Thomlinson

Autos –

1.       Charlie Palmer, 2. Lewis Roden, 3. Jake Randle, 4. Kesley Nisbett, 5. Sam Morris, 6. Ben Mustoe