2014 Girls National at Upton Court

Severn Valley hosted the BSMA Girls National at the hillside circuit of Upton Court in perfect conditions. You could of been forgiven to think you were on the set of Charlie’s Angels with wall to wall female action everywhere you turned. Five blocks of racing with hardly a hold up both days with auto/65’s and 85 big and small wheels grouped together giving a fast flowing race schedule.


The auto’s looked quite at ease on the full track despite the severity of the hills showing an upcoming crop of female talent the boys need to fear. Top of the group was Rheanna Morgan-Rogers who was quite comfortable running top 3 in the combined class at times, she dominated the auto with 5 straight wins. Ruby Gale also running extremely well with the bigger bikes having only one race where she faltered in the watered conditions of Sunday mornings first race still finishing 4th and gaining second overall. Three thirds and two fourths was enough to get Jesse Andersons feet on the third step of the podium edging out Isabelle Neale who scored the two thirds Anderson missed out on. Karin Haddon brought her dad to near tears pulling a second out the bag on Sunday to put her into fifth for the weekend behind Haddon.


Juniors saw another great domination, this time by Elisha Elliot who stormed to a maximum only headed by Hannah Jones and Ria Mae Truman over the weekend with the latter pulling two holeshots on Sunday and leading 3 of the 8 laps. Truman improved from Saturdays 3-3-2 scorecard to go 2-2 on Sunday which sealed the second step edging out the equally consistent Jones’s 2-2-3, 3-3 result. Chloe Anderson and Millie Troughton rounded out the top five.

With both 85 groups combined it looked like Lucy Calvert was set to dominate setting a 3 second time difference over the next rider in qualification. Calvert stormed off to an early race lead in the opener setting a pace no one could match only to go missing with one lap remaining having blown her machine up! This gifted the overall lead to Ciara Robertson (sw) with a hard charging Ellie Slightholm (bw) coming through from an average start to claim second but getting first in class. Robertson went on to take 5 from 5 in the small wheel only being beaten to the line all weekend by two big wheel riders, Calvert and Leonni Tighe. Calvert was on a borrowed bike for the rest of the meeting winning 3 of the 4 of those and second in the other showing had she not of had the mechanical she was the girl to beat. As fate had it Slightholm’s first race win followed up with two seconds behind Calvert on Saturday left her doing enough on Sunday to stay ahead of a very consistent Ava Carter to take the big wheel crown. Carter only 6 points down after 5 races no lower than fourth claiming runner up.Tara Stacet and Catlin Newman both rode well amassing enough points to push Calvert into fifth overall. Bethany Allison was another small wheel rider to mix it up with the bigger bikes at the sharp end, noticeable for being the only Husky rider and her tiny stature, neither slowing her down and only beaten by Molly Shulter in one race putting her on the second step of the podium ahead of Shulter. Calby Elenore may have scored higher in the results but for crashes in races 2 and 5 with Emily Noon’s consistent riding putting her into fourth behind Shulter and in front of Elenore.


The senior result looked to be a for gone conclusion but as they say, ‘It’s not over till the fat lady sings!!’ Kathryn Booth romped home to 4 straight race wins 3 seconds faster than her closest rival but a clash in the final encounter left her dead last and a further fall on lap one put her a country mile behind the entire field! The window of opportunity was open, Nadia Jones was best placed to take advantage 4points clear of Tara Mcload going into the race. Jones had the lead and wasn’t giving it up, Mcload was running second and within striking distance if she messed up.Eyes went back to Booth as she started to reel in the tail enders. It seemed by half distance that Booth had lost the battle, the top 10 where still a long way off and spaced out at that. As the clock ticked it seemed that Booth had lost the drive and determination that got her 4 straight wins and she looked to be defeated . Jones held on for the win giving her a 1 point advantage and the crown. Booth runner up but absent from the prize giving to receive her trophy with Mcload taking the final spot. Danni Marsh put in a great last race to secure fourth overall from Ellie Canes.


The girls in the open had a formidable opponent in the form of GP rider Nataie Kane, the Hitachi KTM star looked to be riding well within her capabilities to go 5 from 5 and only headed for a few minutes all weekend. Elaine Maceavhern managed a brief stint out front but her 2 stroke was no match for Kane. Leonie Smith and Bethany Farmer both looked to be in with a shot at getting onto the podium but for one bad result each, Farmer was seen cruising to a finish in the last moto while Smith suffered a rear puncture in race 3. Benefactor of this was Catherine King who claimed third step behind Maceachern and Kane. Shout out to Ines Jones for showing great sportsmanship, laying her bike down to protect a fallen rider and in doing so putting herself down the results order.


The adult male support had 3 separate winners with Scott Mathia taking 3 wins to take the overall ahead of Ryan Allen and Josh Wyatt third all three seeing the chequered flag first. Special mention to Glen Phillips putting his evo 500cc Kawasaki out front in both races on Sunday and keeping it there for a number of laps.