Cotswold YMC Semi Final at Longdon

Cotswold Youth MX hosted this round of the Semi’s at the old school Longdon track.

The track was full of off camber corners, Steep drop offs, sweeping hills and just to separate the men from the boys a 60m natural whoop section.

This Semi had Cornwall, Cotswold, Rhayader, SevernValley and WEM in attendance with the top 20 from each class going trough to the Finals at Little Silver in August.

So with all to play for the AMX Open guys were first to the line where Oliver Paine blasted his

Yamaha to the front and stayed there until the chequered flag. Alex Barnes chased but had to settle for second while third place went to the line where Ross Parry Had Tom Watson climbing all over him all the way to the line. Race two again had Paine out in front to take another win and the overall with again Barnes in second and Watson in third, taking 2nd and third overall.

Next out were the AMX boys where Darren Webster was the man to beat with a classy win in race one, Jack Timms ran a fine second with Lee Truman in third. Race two again had Webster out in front to win by 20 seconds; Timms again had to settle for second with Gerwyn Exon in third

Rob Yates was the man to beat in the seniors crossing the line a full 29 seconds clear of Luke Craigwith with Josh Canton in third. Race two again saw Yates in front to take the win and the overall, this time Lewis Dowdeswell was only two seconds behind him crossing the line for second and third overall, Luke Craig hung in there for third and to take second overall.

The Big wheel 85cc lined up next where Tyron Cleaver took the win from Luke Scarsbrook with less than a second between them crossing the line with Jake Curtis-Stevens in third.

Race two saw Scarsbrook take the win and the overall from Cleaver in Second and Leuan Morgan take a fine third. Stevens took the last place on the podium for the day.

In the 85cc Small Wheels Brooklyn Evans went untroubled to take the win in the first race with

James Angel finishing a strong second in front of Jamie Evans. Race two saw Evans again breakaway for another Classy win and the overall with Angel having another good ride for second overall, a puncture on the last lap spoilt Jamie’s chance of a podium letting the ever improving Colley through for third and the last place on the podium.

The Juniors were next up where James Hyett who continues to impress took the win from a stylish James Smith and Matthew Harries, Race two had the top 3 crossing the line with only 3 seconds between them, Hyett first taking the overall, Brookes with a strong ride in second and third overall, Smith in third taking second overall for the weekend.

Last out were the Autos where given the size and style of the track all of them did well to get round.  Zac Dunton blasted to the front and  took the win in commanding style from Charlie Palmer and Tomos Wright Race two was a repeat of race one with Dunton taking the overall Palmer second and Wright in third.

Open AMX

1. O Paine – Yamaha  2. A Barnes – Suz 3. T Watson – KTM 4. R Parry – Suzuki 5. J Stanton – Honda 6. K Harrison – Kawasaki 7. M Evans – KTM 8. J Guy – Honda 9. L Howlett – Suzuki 10. C Beever – KTM


1. D Webster – Suzuki 2. J Timms – Honda 3. G Exon – Kawasaki 4. Lee Truman – KTM 5. Elliot Cook – Suzuki 6. Dain Traylor – Suzuki 7. Sean Smith – Kawasaki 8. Michael Allport – Suzuki 9. Laurie Smith – Yamaha 10. Aaron Jenkins – Suzuki



1. Rob Yates – Suzuki 2. L Craig – KTM  3. L Dowdeswell – Honda 4. D Craig – KTM 5. J Canton – Yamaha 6. Liam Jones – Kaw 7. Fraser Martin – Honda
8. J Biddle – KTM 9. J Embrow – Honda 10. C Lawrence – KTM


BW 85cc

1. Luke Scarsbrook – Honda 2. T Cleaver – KTM 3. Jake Curtis Stevens – KTM 4. Eddie Irving – KTM 5. I Morgan – Honda 6. J Bunter – Kawasaki 7. H Linton – KTM 8. Jamie Osborne – KTM 9. K Yorke – Honda 10. Dan Wheeler – KTM


1. Brooklyn Evans – KTM 2. James Angel – Suzuki 3. Aaron Colley – KTM 4. Jamie Evans – KTM 5. Billy Jones – KTM 6. I Roberts 7. T Andrews – KTM 8. C Watson – KTM 9. W Wheeler –  KTM 10.P Borge – Honda

1. J Hyett – KTM 2. J Smith – KTM 3. B Brookes – KTM 4. M Harries – KTM 5. B Duke – KTM 6. J Lindsey – KTM 7. K Billing – KTM 8. C Rosser – KTM 9. N Tomlinson – KTM 10. J Noon – KTM


1. Z Dunton – Cobra 2. C Palmer – KTM 3. T Wright – KTM 4. L Roden – KTM 5. T Smith – KTM 6. W Hyett – KTM 7. C Downes – KTM 8. O Wheeler – KTM 9. C Jamieson – KTM 10. M Mears – KTM