Announcement regarding the 2018 BSMA National Series

After taking on board and listening to requests during 2017 we are pleased to announce after the delegates meeting on 09/08/17 that the BSMA will run the 2018 series with a dedicated team for all rounds.
This will allow us to run at all national tracks for 2018 the tracks we are looking at using are as follows:-
Hawkstone Park
Landrake moto park
Fat Cats moto park
The dates and track order will be announced shortly and confirmation of the final six tracks
The other changes that will take place is a 125 only class which we have had huge amount of requests for.
The autos will no longer run in this series due to them not being allowed at one of the tracks being used but we are looking at doing a shorter 3 round series which we think is a better stepping stone into nationals and will keep costs down for new young riders and their families starting out in the sport details of this will follow later.
We are also trying to work with the other series not to clash as this has been something people have always asked for.
More details of the series,prizes,sponsors will follow shortly once everything is confirmed.
Yours in sport
Steve Beeken

BSMA Director