Bridgestone BSMA Clubman’s Series Round 1


Round 1 of the Bridgestone sponsored BSMA Clubman’s Series Championship was hosted by Severn Valley at a superbly well prepared Brookthorpe track near Gloucester, in glorious sunshine.  Thanks must go to the very determined and professional Severn Valley Team.


Automatics started proceedings with Lewis Roden in difficult track conditions winning unchallenged with Larry Harper a good second and Zac Dunton third. Zac Dunton got his act together winning the next 4 races by ever increasing margins, the battle was for 2nd spot with Larry Harper with a higher position giving him runner up from the improving Oliver Wheeler both finished equal on points, with Roan Delaney taking 4th with a zero score in his last race relegating Roden to 5th with Rheanna Morgan Rogers completing the top 6.

Juniors were dominated by 2 riders, Charlie Palmer and Billy Duke. Charlie taking the top spot by 4 points, despite making a few mistakes as he  set a fantastic pace. Duke was always close and able to take advantage. The next 3 riders battled hard for the final podium positions with just 2 points separating them after two days racing Dylan Kitto improving to snatch 3rd ahead of Billy Simpson and Hedley Longford who finished on joint points with Ben Pratt 6th.

A full line up of SW85 saw Dominic Lancett with consistent riding taking the overall with 2 good wins, Some of the best racing at this level I have seen especially against James Hanscomb battling to the finish in a couple of races only electronic timing could separate them by 10th of a second. Second Ryan Tanner started slowly costing him 1st position but he improved with 4 runaway wins with Lancett and Hanscomb having no answer. These 3 were well clear of the rest of field with Aaron  Colley, Jaydon Murphy and James Smith in 4th, 5th and 6th respectively.

Big Wheel pilot Jordan Riley with 4 super wins came top of the group his maximum was spoilt in race 2 by the fast starting Brooklyn Evans, Whose consistent race results leaving him clear in second spot. Third by just one point was Josh Greedy who had a disaster in race 2 just getting the better of Eddie Irving his first 4 results blown away by a bad last race. Nathan Bache and James Bates split by one point again a last race decider in this very competitive full line up of riders.

Senior rider Henry Williams one of the superstars of the meeting, was kept honest by Lewis Dowdeswell the wins going 3 to 2 in favour of Henry making for some fantastic racing for the spectators. Dan Wheeler 3rd on 3 occasions, with strong finishes taking the last podium spot Luke Craig finished a creditable 4th with Alex Walton just up from BW85 took a good runner up position in race 4, Jack French was just 2 points adrift in 6th Kieran Cooke always fast away from the gate was unable to hold his position.

AmxOpen Chase Neale took 3 wins and was well clear of the rest of the group Shaun Buchan finished runner up ahead of Tom Watson , Kieran Watkins and Jonathan Evans the top 5 trophy winners.

AMX racing with the open were the quicker of the 2 with Jack Timms a 3 race winner getting the better of Ricky Roderick who took the opening moto. These 2 riders were well clear of the chasing pack, Lee Truman took 3rd overall with determination strong finishes in all his races, Bridgestone Sponsored Rob Yates on a 125cc had to work hard in every race to gain 4th, Karl Haycock was unlucky to finish 5th a disaster in race 3 costing him dearly. Darren Webster finishing a creditable 6th returning to the track after a bad accident last August a week after being crowned BSMA Champion. We wish him well for the rest of the series.

Vets – Dean Warren was a clear points winner winning all 3 races on the first day. Matt White taking the wins on the 2nd day not able to cope with the track conditions at the start of the meeting relegates him to 9th. Consistent riding from Matthew Colley giving up 2nd overall the weekend with Fred Smith in 3rd ahead of Matt Nash and Kevin Brotherton.

Vets Open Stuart Rawlings gained maximum points battling with Rob Church on day 1 the positions in doubt until the finish line. Unable to contest the 2nd day Rawlings was left out in front with Paul Longford and Guy Longmead battling it out  for the other 2 podium places Jamie Smith and Lee Barrett filled the final trophy positions.


The first time in the BSMA an EVO and Open Pre 85 class competed on the 2nd day, Matt Hitchman with 3 race wins dominated the results, Nick Selwyn riding consistently gained runner up with Kevin Reed just behind in 3rd.  In the smaller engines it was James Shand with 2 excellent wins who took the overall from David Russell and Nick Saunders taking the other 2 podium positions.


The BSMA would like to congratulate Severn Valley for the organisation of a superb event and all individuals who helped to make it such an enjoyable weekend Bridgestone our main sponsors for trophies and Tyre Deals, Mick Extance for Training Day experience and Race Spec for Holeshot prizes.

see you all in Wales for the next round on 12/13 April


Written by Don Church




1st – Zac Dunton 221 points

2nd – Larry Harper 199 points

3rd- Oliver Wheeler 199 points

4th- Roan Delaney 188 points

5th -Lewis Roden 174 points

6th Rheanna Morgan Rogers 169 points

7th – Teagan Nightingale 163 points

8th –  Levi Davies 160 points

9th  – Tyler Shedden 151 points

10th Sion Aled Evans 148 points




1st Charlie Palmer 221 points

2nd Billy Duke 217 points

3rd Dylan Kitto 186 points

4th Billy Simpson 184 points

5th Hedley Longford  184 points

6th Ben Pratt 177 points

7th Bryn Brookes 176 points

8th Josh Noon 166 points

9th Carwyn Rosser 153 points

10th Jordan Gould 147 points



1st Dominic Lancett 217 points

2nd Ryan Tanner 213 points

3rd James Hanscomb 209 points

4th Aaron Colley 193 points

5th Jaydon Murphy 189 points

6th James Smith 170 points

7th Jack Samuel 160 points

8th Kyle Biggs 160 points

9th Ben White 155 points

10th Marshall Smith 149 points



1st Jordan Riley 221

2nd Brooklyn Evans 209

3rd Josh Greedy 193

4th Eddie Irving 192

5th Nathan Bache 177

6th James Bates 176

7th Jamie Evans  163

8th Michael Watson 155

9th Joe Cadwallader 147

10th Daniel Bartlett 141



1st Henry Williams 221

2nd Lewis Dowdeswell 213

3rd Dan Wheeler 197

4th Luke Craig 189

5th Alex Walton 181

6th Jack French 179

7th Kieran Cooke 172

8th Josh Bishop 165

9th Tyron Cleaver 158

10th Jack Hunt 153


1st Jack Timms 178

2nd 9 Rickie Roderick 174

3rd Lee Truman 158

4th Rob Yates 154

5th Karl Haycock 151

6th Darren Webster 141

7th Andy Fitzgereld 137

8th Emerson Jones 131

9th Chris Grindle 125

10th Dan Craig 121




1st Chase Neale 176

2nd Shaun Buchan 162

3rd Tom Watson 152

4th Kiaron Watkins 142

5th Jonathan Evans 137

6th Gareth Hudson 133

7th Scott Rawlings 130

8th Ryan Bawn 129

9th Tom Hoyles 123

10th Darrell Sims 116






1st Dean Warren 219

2nd Matthew Colley 181

3rd Fred Smith 177

4th Robert Nash 165

5th Kevin Brotherton 160

6th Vince Crawley 157

7th Russell Hartill 156

8th Matthew Norris 152

9th Matt White 133

10th Kevin Saunders 127


Vets Open

1st Stuart Rawlings 225

2nd Paul Longford 209

3rd Guy Longmead 193

4th Jamie Smith 181

5th Lee Barrett 173

6th Leon Vaughan 162

7th Jamie Williams 161

8th Andrew Rockey 154

9th Robert Church 129

10th Mark Mcgill 113




Pre 85




1st Matt Hitchman  135

2nd Nick Selwyn 121

3rd Kevin Reed 117

4th Matt Evans 111

5th Scott Reed 102

6th Kevin Butcher 100

7th Ben Maulier 93

8th Rob Jones 87

9th Paul Kirby 86

10th Nick Payton 82


1st James Shand 129

2nd David Russell 112

3rd Nick Saunders 104

4th Nick Mauger 98

5th Simon Howells 86

6th Anthony  Giles 85

7th Nigel Green 83

8th David Kift 71

9th Amie Honeywell 66