BSMA TEAM EVENT 2013 At Neuadd (Pen Y Bont)

The B.S.M.A. Team Event was run this week at Pen Y Bont, Powys.  The race track superbly prepared as usual by Rhayader Club, who helped the hosting club, Cotswold Youth, in managing the event.  The landowner was very generous with his costs , allowing the cost to be the lowest ever for this prestigious event.

The superb autumn weather a real bonus together with some of the most competitive racing ever seen at a Team Event.  The results not decided until the final race in the Open Class, with Cotswold retaining their overall victory, with all four riders in the top ten.  Less than 300 points between the top four teams.


The meeting opened with the Automatics.  The Little Vampires from

East Anglia returning to try and retain their title and with some of the most exciting racing seen in an automatic shoot out, it went to last block to get a winning group.  Cotswold team were equally determined in their challenge, with bikes finishing alternately throughout the weekend.  In the end the

Little Vampires, with no weak links in their teams, managing to win by just 19 points.  Harvey Cashmore,  Freddie Wyard, Callum Murfit, Harrison Forde and Liam Bennett were all consistent.

Top rider in the Auto’s, Cotswold Charlie Palmer, crashed heavy in the race three, whilst leading, but showed the spirit of the team event, as this young ace pulled back to 18th. If he hadn’t crashed, the result would possibly have been Cotswold first.  He was well supported by William Hyett, Zac Dunton

Tyler Smith and Lewis Dalton.  Tomas Wright, Rhayader, gained two wins and was always on the pace.


 Juniors were won by Cotswold,  with Warley Wasps scoring well, just 28 points adrift a the finish.  Cotswold ace James Hyett, gained a maximum, and was supported well by Bryn Brookes, Kyran Billing, Cameron Jackson and

Thomas Garness helped secure overall.

Warley Wasps Team Ben Watkins, Harvey Matthews, Sam Davies, Owen Taylor and Cory Flynn all gave 100% and were a string second place.

James Smith, Severn Valley, was their star and Matthew Harries, Rhayader, never let his team down.


 Small wheels 85cc another close result with Rhayader just by 18 points at the finish from  Cotswold team.  A maximum for Rhayader ace Ryan Rowlands.  He was supported by a good team effort.  His top support  from Iwan Roberts and Billy Jones.  Jamie Evans with three seconds was well supported by

Dominic Lancett and Aaron Colley.  James Bates excellent racing for Warley Wasps  and Wem Rider Dane Clarke-Reeves, in the top three a few times, was very quick.


Big wheels another overall to the Rhayader Club.  First two races going to

Ieuan Morgan,  who took the lead from Alex Walton, when he developed problems.  Alex team riding his mate to the finish.  Next three went to Alex unchallenged.  Just 10 points separating the team of Warley Wasps in runner up.  Jordan Wright DNE could have affected the overall as he improved all week-end, culminating in a third in his last race.  Nathan Bache and

Joe Cadwallader scoring good points.  Mitchell Warhurst the Coventry ace was ever lower than fourth all week-end.  Tyron  Cleaver, Severn Valley, their star with two thirds and two fourths.


 Seniors by 40 points went to Warley Wasps, their star with 4 wins and a fifth was Henry Williams, Jordan  Saunders supporting well and a very consistent Jake Ford, with big points.

Luke Craig holeshot in most races, just could not hold off the challenge of

Henry Williams, but was clear of the remainder, with a win, three seconds and a third.  Rob Yates always battling through, had four great results and a crash whilst in second spot.


The most eventful group,  with racing of the highest level, with Warley Wasps just getting the better of the Coventry Team.  Karl Haycock winning the first three .  His team mate, the very quick starting Dan Jagieiski, unable to match his pace late on, usually in the top four.  In the finish his team mate

Alistair Evans never lower than fifth.

Coventry ace Chuck Davies the fastest rider in this group,  with a second in the opener, crashing out of the lead in race two but a super finish for him personally with the last two runaway wins.  Jake Lord and Scott Hambridge supporting well.  Lee Truman changing to a four stroke on day two, in runner up spots.


 This went to Rhayader by just 17 points from Coventry.  Oli Payne had four seconds and a third, with a consistent group of riders, Shaun Buchan and

Mark Evans their main point scorers.  Brad Doyle never lower than fourth and one win, was top Coventry rider.  Scott Hubbard and Luke Westerman supporting well.

Rhys Faulkner, Severn Valley, always challenging hard.  Star of the Open,

Gary Davies, with four unchallenged wins , crashed on the first corner, leaving him to finish in third in that outing.   Oli Payne keeping him honest in a couple of races and the spectators interested , Gary riding  for the WEM Club.

The presentation marking well all the hard work work worth while, with most people enjoying a superb week-end.  The results so close in most groups and overall Cotswold winning just from an impressive Warley Wasps Team.  Many thanks to the trophy sponsors, goody bags and raffle prizes.  Superb track management and a very responsive First Aid Support Team.  Thanks to all teams for their efforts in marshalling and congratulations to all the competitors for their efforts.


AUTOS                                                                      JUNIORS

1  Little Vampires   709                                         1  Cotswold              690

2  Cotswold              680                                         2  Warley Wasps    662

3  Rhayader             546                                         3  Rhayader             552

4  Warley Wasps    532                                         4  Severn Valley      544

5  Coventry              436                                         5  Coventry              520

6  Severn Valley      327                                         6  WEM                     142

7  WEM                     173

SMALL WHEEL 85 cc                                             BIG WHEEL 85cc

1  Rhayader                         697                                         1  Rhayder                668

2  Cotswold              679                                         2  Warley Wasps    658

3  Warley Wasps    575                                         3  Coventry              654

4  Coventry              476                                         4  Severn Valley      522

5  WEM                     456                                         5  Cotswold              498

6  Severn Valley      399                                         6  WEM                     343


SENIORS                                                                   AMX

1  Warley Wasps    719                                         1  Warley Wasps    689

2  Cotswold              674                                         2  Coventry              670

3  Coventry              635                                         3  Cotswold              592

4  Rhayader             491                                         4  Rhayader             547

5  WEM                     359                                         5  Severn Valley      515

6  WEM                     192


AMX OPEN                                                              OVERALL

1  Rhayader             689                                         1  Cotswold              4376

2  Coventry              672                                         2  Warley Wasps    4333

3  Cotswold              563                                         3  Rhayader             4190

4  Warley Wasps    498                                         4  Coventry              4083

5  Severn Valley      457                                         5  Severn Valley      2766

6  WEM                     303                                         6  WEM                     1938