Cheers for Mears as Matthew makes tracks


If there’s two things that can be guaranteed at the forthcoming Bridgestone BSMA weekend at Warmingham Lane, then it’s that Matthew Mears will be showing great promise – and his mum will be embarrassing him afterwards!

As the 12 year-old prepares for another tilt in the Bridgestone Small Wheels category, most onlookers will be able to hear mum Lorraine even if they can’t see her, as she cheers his every move with husband Nigel.

The Cinderford youngster – whose uncle Chris Grindle is currently impressing in the AMX Open – is loving life in the extremely competitive Bridgestone class and is making steady progress since his opening outing at Brookthorpe.

Lorraine said: “I am the stereotypical embarrassing mum and I make no apologies for it! I find the best possible vantage point at each track and I cheer Matthew’s every move.

“I have never missed a race and don’t think I have ever missed a second of him being out on the track.”

Matthew has had something of a baptism of fire in the Small Wheels class, finishing near the back of the pack to begin with, only to work his way up to a season-best finish of 24th more recently.

Lorraine added: “We entered him into the Bridgestone series in the knowledge that he might well struggle to begin with. We wanted to see if the better riders could drag him along and we hope he can learn from them.

“He is absolutely loving it and is learning all the time. His best finish is 24th and we are exceptionally proud of him for achieving this. It is no mean feat in his first year amongst so many talented riders.

“We really appreciate the ability and dedication that every rider puts in and we love watching each Bridgestone BSMA race.”

The Forest High School youngster is somewhat unique amongst his friends in dedicating his spare time to motocross, having first sat on a bike as a six year-old.

His uncle Chris Grindle was the catalyst behind that, inspiring Matthew from his exploits on the track where he is still in fine form today, currently lying in third place in the AMX Open standings.

Lorraine added: “I remember Matthew turning six on the Tuesday and competing in his first race the following Sunday.

“His mates love football more than any other sport. Matthew loves it too, so we should take a TV to Warmingham Lane for when the England game kicks off at the Euros. The chance to watch it might make Matthew ride faster!”

Nigel and Lorraine would also like to thank Truwater Training, DBMX, 2UNESTOKE and Shaun Morton for Matthew’s new kit.