With all the severe weather that hit the South Coast Cornwall Schoolboy Motocross Club held their first club championship today Sunday 16th February 2014 at Skewjack Farm, St Levan.   When  everyone else had to cancel their rounds due to the weather we have managed to run.   The day started with the sun shining not a cloud in the sky.   86 riders turned up and one competitor took the time to drive down from Bristol to take part in the quad group. Our groups range from auto’s aged 7 to our adult riders in the AMX/Open and today was the first time we were holding a Quad championship.

The track was made from a corn stubble field, and rode extremely well.  Great racing was had by one and all. The results were as follows.


1st leon Williams

2nd Thomas Jago

3rd James Elcocks

4th Tyler Wills

5th Levi Hillings

6th Lewis George

7th Mason Evans


1st Louie Kessell

2nd Connor Jago

3rd Jake Ware

4th Bradley Taylor

5th Kai Tucker

6th Tom Higman

Small Wheels 85

1st Lewis Wiltshire

2nd Daniel Back

3rd Ewan George

4th Luke Woolgrove

5th Soloman Trevillion

6th Charlie Ware

Big Wheel 85

1st Aidan Williams

2nd Todd Sawyer

3rd Alfie Crocker

4th Thomas Andrews

5th Yann May

6th Kian Mayho


1st Josh Gilbert

2nd Joe Eiffert

3rd Jake Curtis-Stevens

4th Jack Conway- Baker

5th Alistair Gwennap

6th Ethan Davies


1st Stuart Smith

2nd Liam Curtis-Stevens

3rd Maverick Smith

4th Lewis Ruthen

5th Dan Curtis

6th Callum Mallaber


1st Mike Rowe

2nd Jamie Paget

3rd Jason Fraser

4th Jack Gribble

5th Martin Holman

6th David Bradley


1st Liam Skelton

2nd Sam Jefferies

3rd Pete Badge

4th Steve Hone

5th Simon Trevaskis

6th Joe Williams