Coventry and East Anglia re-affiliate with the BSMA for 2013

eastanglian_logoWednesday 14th November saw East Anglia Schoolboy Scrambling Club hold their annual AGM at The Marconi Club, Chelmsford. BSMA Vice General Manager Emma Hucklebridge was delighted to be given the opportunity to attend the meeting to answer any questions which were put forward by the floor of riders and parents.

The clubs Chairman Martin Beadle and Secretary Jean Ingram had spent time previously talking with other organisations which included the ACU and MCF.

Once all of the questions had been answered it was time for the club members to take a vote on whom they wanted their club to affiliate to during 2013. The decision was unanimous and it was decided that the club would remain with the BSMA.
Emma Hucklebridge said “I am extremely pleased with the outcome of the East Anglia AGM. We are thrilled that the club, riders and parents believe that the BSMA is the best way forward for them in 2013. There have been a lot of changes within the BSMA within the past six weeks and we are looking forward to supporting our clubs and riders with renewed passion, professionalism and communication.”

As you are all aware Coventry club held there EGM recently, where they invited all the following organisations the ACU, MCF, YMSA and ourselves the BSMA, all were invited to do a presentation to the Coventry members one by one everybody done there presentation and then the Coventry members voted. The ACU and MCF had very few votes the YMSA had some votes but the BSMA had the most votes so they re affiliated to the BSMA of which we are delighted.

I personally think the BSMA is the best organisation, and this turning point just goes to show we have a lot to offer to both our clubs and rider’s a like and that as an organisation we are committed to investment in the sport and to continually develop around both changing times and members needs.