Coventry final winter meeting on 10th February 2013

A cold chilly morning greeted the riders at a very well prepared sandy Sherwood for the track walk and signing on before practice got under way with the MXY2 Senior group.

A steady drizzle started whilst the Seniors went out for their first race of the day with Oli Benton having a flyer of a race, battling all the way with Joshua Bentley in send and Robert Yates in third who did well to recover from an early incident. Race two and Joshua Bentley got the holeshot but Robert Yates took the win from Daniel Neale in second and Robert Ainsley in third. Oliver Benton did well to finish after having a bad off whilst up the front of the pack.

The track coped well with the drizzle but the cold was setting in and making the track slippery in parts so the decision was made to only run two blocks which the riders and followers all seemed to agree with.

The plucky Auto riders did well to cope with the conditions of the ever changing track but it was Charlie Heyman who battled the most to take a well deserved first race win ahead of Kyle ingram in send and Cameron Box in third. Race two and the holeshot prize went to Charlie Heyman who also crossed the finish first ahead of the pack with a brilliant ride by Tyler Etheridge to take send and Harley Rutler ever improving to take a deserved third place.

A good group of Juniors saw Lewis Hall dominate the group with a first race win followed to the line by Lewis Wood in second and Dalton Dring in third. Race two and the holeshot went to Lewis Wood who flew out of the gate but Lewis Hall battled away to snatch the win with Lewis Wood second and Aaron Brown improving no end to take third place.

A large group of Small Wheel riders gave the crowd some cracking racing to watch and it was a real pleasure to see Callum Green take the first race win ahead of a battling Jordan Hearn in second and Denny Rapson in third. Race two and another win and holeshot for Callum Green, Denny Rapson took send and Jordan Hearn took the third place.

The nearly full Big Wheel class saw Dexter Doulgas dominate the group with a brilliant first race win ahead of a battling Mitchell Warhurst in second and Daniel Shepherd in third. Race two and Dexter took the holeshot and crossed the line just ahead of Mitchell warhurst with a stunning ride by Kathryn Booth to take the third place podium position.

The MX2 lads chopped and changed all through both races but the eventual winner in the first race was Rob Wood with Matt Wood in second and a great performance by Ricky Lethaby to take third place. Race two and The Holeshot and race win went to Dan Thornhill with Rob Wood taking second and third place going to a deserving Scott Hambridge.

The final group of the day and a brilliant win by Josh Spinks in the first MX1 Open race with Scott Bates battling all the way to take second and Matthew Porter third. The final holeshot and Josh Spinks made sure it was his as was the race win. Matt Porter just snatched second place from Scott Bates in third. Brilliant racing guys.

Many thanks to everyone that raced, spectated, marshalled and officiated in the difficult conditions.

Auto’s: 1 Charlie Heyman, 2 Kyle Ingram, 3 Tyler Etheridge, 4 Tyler Smith, 5 Harley Rutler, 6 Riley Harrison.

Juniors: 1 Lewis Hall, 2 Lewis Wood, 3 Dalton Dring, 4 Aaron Brown, 5 Ben Clark, 6 Joshua Main.

Small Wheels: 1 Callum Green, 2 Denny Rapson, 3 Jordan Hearn, 4 Dylan Spencer, 5 Scott Davidson, 6 Harvey Ward.

Big Wheels: 1 Dexter Douglas, 2 Mitchell Warhurst, 3 Kathryn Booth, 4 Drew Larcombe,  

5 Matt Brame, 6 James Cobby

AMX: 1 Rob Wood, 2 Matt Wood, 3 Scott Hambridge, 4 Darren Webster, 5 Dan Marshall, 6 John Measham.

Seniors: 1 Robert Yates, 2 Daniel Neale, 3 Robert Ainley, 4 Oliver Benton, 5 Joshua Bentley, 6 Peter Colins.

OPEN: 1 Josh Spinks, 2 Matt Porter, 3 Scott Bates, 4 Matthew Thomas, 5 Ashley Dabell, 6 Jack Waterman.

Overall results from CJMX 2013 Pro-Green MX Winter Series.

Auto’s1 Riley Harrison, 2 Kayde Rayns, 3 Tyler Etheridge, 4 Kyle Ingram, 5 Luke Batty, 6 Jack Lillyman, 7 Jude Turton, 8 Harry West, 9 Kiean Boughen, 10 Charlie Hulley, 11 Harley James, 12 Cameron Box, 13 Jamie Thompson.

Junior 65cc Class1 Lewis Hall, 2 Lewis Wood, 3 Kieran Thomas, 4 Katie Booth, 5 Joshua Main, 6 Jacob Russell, 7 Ben Clark, 8 Lewis Thompson, 9 Harrison Boam, 10 Jack Ryan, 11 Jude McKenzie, 12 George Simpson, 13 William Clarke.

Small Wheel 85cc1 Jordan Hearn, 2 Declan Hunter, 3 Denny Rapson, 4 Dylan Spencer, 5 Harry Phillips, 6 Scott Davidson, 7 Tyrone Brown, 8 Morgan Rayns, 9 Kieran Ryan, 10 Jacob Bell, 11 Ethan Etheridge, 12 Jack Wankling, 13 Danny Clarke, 14 Karl Waby.

Big Wheel 85cc: 1 Bret Pocock, 2 Matt Brame, 3 Mitchell Warhurst, 4 JC Verdugo, 5 Kathryn Booth, 6 Josh Oates, 7 Hayden Stevens, 8 Brad Thornhill, 9 James Cobby, 10 Jordan Rowe, 11 Kyde Marlow, 12 William Moyne, 13 Layne Cupitt, 14 Tom Daniels, 15 Eathan Kennedy.

MXY2 Seniors1 Joshua Bentley, 2 Oliver Benton, 3 Robert Yates, 4 John Joe Wright, 5 Gareth Artus, 6 Daniel Neale, 7 Jac Kearsley, 8 Fraser Gardiner, 9 Joshua Kennedy, 10 Craig Barrow, 11 Joe Tobutt, 12 Robert Ainley, 13 Josh Bishop, 14 Ben Daniels, 15 Ashley Edwards, 16 Robbie Hollis, 17 Harry Ronald.

MX2 AMX1 Dan Thornhill, 2 Dean Hakes, 3 John Measham, 4 Scott Hambridge, 5 Daniel Marshall, 6 Callum Swan, 7 Ryan Gee, 8 Jamie Berry, 9 Jake Lord, 10 Lewis Stead, 11 John Benfield, 

MX1 Open Group: 1 Josh Waterman, 2 Jack Waterman, 3 Matthew Thomas, 4 Ash Cotterall, 5 Ben Burns, 6 Gerrard Goodwin, 7 Nathan Buckland, 8 jack Ratcliffe, 9 Thomas Hambridge, 10 Jamie Dawson, 11 Kane Brown, 12 Sonny Lowther, 13 Alan Edwards.

Trophies will be kept until next race meeting then recycled.