Coventry Junior MX Club – Stratford 21st April 2013

Coventry Club ‘s 1st meeting of the year at their home track Stratford resulted in 180 riders attending the meeting on a fully graded and prime circuit despite the recent poor English weather, and the club did well to get everyone into the paddock following a heavy down poor late Saturday.

The AMX Class kicked off the day’s racing after a later than normal start on the Sunday due to the Club’s medical provider being caught up in a fatality on the motorway with visiting Jordan Bachelor showing the rest of the pack how to master the demanding track that is Stratford with an excellent first race win followed by Joseph Russell in 2nd and Ricky Lethaby in 3rd.  Race two and again Jordan took the win with an outstanding ride by Jake Lord in 2nd place and Joseph Russell in 3rd after his Hole Shot.

The Seniors saw Curtis Blamey cruise to a first race win with Daniel Neale in 2nd and an excellent race for Joe Tobutt in 3rd place.  Race two and hole shot for Curtis Blamey followed by his 2nd race win this time closely followed home by Daniel Neale in 2nd and Gareth Artus in 3rd who didn’t let his first race gremlins keep him down.

Josh Spinks dominated the Open Class with the first race win with returning to the club Scott Hubbard taking 2nd and Luke Haughton in 3rd.  Race two and hole shot for Josh Spinks together with a deserving second race win, Scott Hubbard again 2nd and 3rd this time for Brad Doyle who battled Luke for the remaining podium place.

The old age pensioners next to the line (the over 45’s) and the first race win for Richard Main, second for Luke Brown and third for Sean Doyle.  Race two and this time the win for Luke Brown with Richard Main taking 2nd and the hole shot and third place going again to Sean Doyle.  The crowd love this race and we eagerly await their next race.

Big Wheels Race one saw a brilliant, entertaining race from start to the finish line with Henry Siddiqui taking the win followed by Mitchell Warhurst in second and Harry Linton in an excellent third place.  Matt Brame constantly battled to keep 4th place from Tyrone Cleaver in 5th.

Callum Green blitzed his way to the win in the Small Wheel group with Dylan Spencer taking 2nd place and Charlie Kent taking 3rd after battling the whole race.  Kieran Ryan raced his heart out for 4th place and an excellent race for Lewis Huckerby in 5th.

The very talented Juniors saw James Hyett cross the finish line first ahead of Battling Ben White in 2nd and Dylan Woodhall in 3rd.  Harrison McCann tried everything to get onto the podium but ended with 4th place and 5th going to Jacob Russell.

Finally the Auto’s had their outing onto the tricky Stratford circuit but William Hyett made the race his own with an excellent first place win ahead of Kyle ingram in 2nd and Riley Harrison in 3rd.  Jack Lillyman and Kayde Rayns battled non stop with Jack taking 4th and Kayde 5th.

Race 2 of the Big Wheels saw Tommy Pittaway fly out of the start to take the hole shot but unfortunately due to an injury to a rider the race was stopped in the 3rd lap.

Following the length of time it took to treat the injured rider and with wet weather on the horizon and closing in quickly the decision was taken to stop the meeting and present the trophies and prize money together with 1,2,3 goody bags kindly donated by Pro-Green MX to the winners and enable the riders and their families to leave the paddock and head for home.

Coventry Club would like to thank everyone for their patience and help during the day, especially their medical crew and send very best get well wishes to Danny Vieira and his family.

Open Class

1st – Josh Spinks

2nd – Scott Hubbard

3rd – Brad Doyle

4th – Luke Haughton

5th – Ashley Beniston

6th – Michael White



1st – Luke Brown

2nd – Richard Main

3rd – Sean Doyle

4th – Lee Bingley

5th – Rob Hollis

6th – Kevin Brotherton



1st – Curtis Blamey

2nd – Daniel Neale

3rd – Joe Tobutt

4th – Dylan Hodgkins

5th – Jack Hunt

6th – Reece Wain



1st – Jordan Bachelor

2nd – Joseph Russell

3rd – Ricky Lethaby

4th – Scott Hambridge

5th – Dean Hakes

6th – Simon Booth


Big Wheels

1st – Henry Siddiqui

2nd – Mitchell Warhurst

3rd – Harry Linton

4th – Matt Brame

5th – Tyrone Cleaver

6th – Danny Vieira


Small Wheels

1st – Callum Green

2nd – Dylan Spencer

3rd – Charlie Kent

4th – Kieran Ryan

5th – Lewis Huckerby

6th – Aaron Patstone


Junior 65cc

1st – James Hyett

2nd – Ben White

3rd – Dylan Woodhall

4th – Marrison McCann

5th – Jacob Russell

6th – Kyle Jones


Auot 50cc

1st – William Hyett

2nd – Kyle Ingram

3rd – Rile Harrison

4th – Jack Lillyman

5th – Kayde Rayns

6th – Archie Hardwick