East Anglia Headed for Milton Melsor 30th June

Northamptonshire not only saw the British Formula 1 this weekend but also the excellent meeting of the East Anglia Club at the well prepared Milton Malsor circuit all in glorious sunshine.

The Auto line up consisted of some good quality plucky little riders with battles aplenty.  Harvey Cashmore took race 1 honours from Freddie Wyard in 2nd and Callum Murfitt in 3rd.  Race 2 and this time the win for Freddie Wyard, 2nd for Callum Murfitt and 3rd for Bradley French.  The final moto saw a tight race but the finish  line was crossed first by Freddie Wyard, 2nd Harvey Cashmore and 3rd Callum Murfitt.

Bethany Allison rode her little heart out to take the 1st race win in the Junior 65cc class beating Tai Elvin-Andrews into 2nd spot with Callum McCaul 3rd.   Race 2 and this time Tai Elvin-Andrews just had the edge on Tom Murphy going 1 2 with Tyler Birkumshaw coming in 3rd place.  The final race and the win again for Tai Elvin-Andrews, 2nd for Tyler Birkumshaw and 3rd for Tom Murphy.

The Small Wheel 85cc group saw some good battles with the lead changing many times but Ryan Allison was the victor in the 1st race beating Lewis Cloud into 2nd and Scot Davidson into 3rd place.  Race 2 and this time the win for Lewis Cloud, Ryan Allison 2nd and Scot Davidon 3rd.  The final race and final battle saw Ryan Allison cross the chequered flag first with a brilliant 2nd place for Drew Anderson and a consistent 3rd place for Scot Davidson.

James Carnwell dominated the Big Wheel 85cc Class from start to finish taking maximum points in all three moto’s.  Joshua Keeble took 2nd in race 2 and Tommy Pittaway 3rd.  Race 2 and Tommy Pittaway took 2nd place with 3rd for Joshua Keeble.  The final race and brilliant ride by James with Joshua Keeble this time taking 2nd and Tommy Pittaway another 3rd.       Well raced guys.

The large group of Veteran riders drew a large cheering crowd, with James Russell crossing the line first for the 1st race win ahead of Matt French in 2nd and Mick Day 3rd.  Race 2 and another deserving win for James Russell, 2nd for Matt French and 3rd for Darren Murfitt.  The final showdown and another win and maximum days points for James Russell, 2nd again for Matt French with the 3rd podium place for Mick Day.

A near full gate of AMX riders saw the excellent Arron Jenner leap into the lead  for the 1st race win ahead of Rowan Hill in 2nd and John Eaton 3rd.  Race 2 and another convincing win for Arron Jenner, 2nd for Rowan Hill and 3rd for Scott Hambridge.  Race 3 and another brilliant performance by Arron Jenner securing him maximum points with another race win with Scott Hambridge riding brilliant to take a well deserved 2nd place after falling in the early stages with Rowan Hill coming in 3rd.  A truly entertaining race to watch for the large spectating crowd.

Photo - Chris WrightThe Adult Open Class saw the Master at work with Josh Spinks taking all 3 race wins from start to finish,  Chris Wright took 2nd in the first race with Russell Cramp coming in 3rd.  Race 2 and after Spinks came Chris Wright in 2nd and Glen Bixby in 3rd.  The final race and win for Josh Spinks, another 2nd place for Chris Wright and the final podium place going to Glen Bixby.

The final group of riders saw Daniel Neale take the race 1 win in the Senior class ahead of Austin Eary in 2nd and Joe Borrett in 3rd.  Race 2 and a cracker of a race it was with Daniel Neale snatching the win from Joe Borrett in 2nd and Jordan Pasquale in 3rd place.  The final race of the day and with the dust starting the become a little thicker the Seniors did very well to cope with the conditions but Daniel Neale showed the field how it was done with another excellent race win and maximum points.  Joe Borrett rode well for another 2nd place with Jordan Pasquale again coming in 3rd.

East Anglia club would like to thank everyone for attending, helping out on the day and to the medical crew and land managers of Milton Malsor – thank you.