SVSSC held a 2-day meeting at the popular Clearwell circuit over the bank holiday weekend, after glorious weather the week prior it was a dull start to Sunday with a few showers, then heavy overnight rain put doubt on Mondays racing, but after some track prep and the sun shining the race order changed to allow the track to dry enough for the smaller bikes it was all systems go.
The autos was another domination by Zach Dunton having no one else complete a lap in front of him over both days, however it was a much closer battle for the minor placings with Ollie Wheeler taking 2nd and Roan Delaney grabbing 3rd despite being dead last on the first lap in one race.
Juniors saw visitor James Rowe in fine form both days with his only competition coming from Billy Duke who on several occasions managed to fight his way to the front but falls kept him from holding his lead. Waiting on any mistake was just slightly of this duo’s pace on Monday was Charlie Palmer who picked up third.
Small wheel 85’s was all but another domination by Jayden Murphy losing out in his last race to Husky mounted James Smith who managed great consistency to finish runner up from Callum Baldwin taking the last step. IMG_6240
The big wheels could of gone a number of ways, with the eventual winner being Tom Davies, TM mounted Ross Millard could of quite easily placed first had he not been fighting his way through the pack from consistently bad starts but had to settle for 3rd behind Will Wheeler who had been in fine form Sunday but lost ground in Mondays conditions.
The seniors saw big brother Dan Wheeler dominate  with 6 wins and healthy margins in all, closest rival was John Collins with a couple of 2nd placed races edging out the consistant scoring of Dan Troughton. Four adult groups all having healthy line ups on Sunday got condenced to two on Monday as many decieded to give the early morning mud a miss, had they had hindsight they would of rode as track conditions changed dramatically within 2 races under the warmth of the sun.
IMG_4616Vets overall was an easy win for Jamie Grindle as his stiff competition on Sunday wasn’t there for day 2 so with Shaun Copeman’s absence Andy Little secured 2nd pushing Shaun into 3rd. The novice adults struggled with the early conditions Monday and a lot dropped out leaving it a real mixed bag, but Lewis Marshall managed to do enough on day 2 to hold on for the overall, likewise Ashley Tillings had trouble Monday but his race results from Sunday put him on the second step of the podium while David Jolliffe also had his problems but retained a podium place.
The AMX lost Dan Thornhill for Monday’s racing after such a dominant display casing the triple in the final moto on Sunday saw him in obvious pain and no further racing Monday from him, and with another outright winner on Monday having not ridden Sunday Cory Southwood didn’t feature in the overall either, that went to due mainly to his consistant brace of 2nd’s on day 1 edging out Andrew Fitzgerald who despite beating Truman in 2 races on day 2 hadn’t done enough the previous day to beat him. Kieran Lewis suffered 2 poor races on Sunday which was enough to drop him to 3rd even after beating Fitzgerald in 3 races.
The open was a hard fought affair between Robert Lewis and Andrew Gillett with each getting 3 wins apiece, with conditions on Monday favouring the 4 stroke of Gillett it was Lewis who managed to put his 2 stroke out front in all the races but fatigue got the better of him in the final race with the last race on count back as tie breaker the overall went to Gillett. After what looked like a one day only affair hats must be taken off to the committee for pulling another blinder of a weekend off, see you at the next meeting.