Fun was had by all At WEM’S Presentation

Wem MX held their Annual Trophy presentation evening on Saturday 1st February at the clubs regular meeting place, Wem Services Club in Wem.

They were honoured to welcome ex British 125 & National Twin shock Champion Pete Mathia to the event to hand out the trophies and offer his support.

The evening kicked off with the Junior/Youth riders including classes from 50cc Autos through to 125 Seniors.  Junior classes placed 1st-6th all received trophies.

Everyone then enjoyed the usual Wem raffle which contained some fantastic prizes donated by local sponsors and companies. The evening then proceeded with the Adult classes placed 1st-3rd all receiving their trophies.

A number of Annual club awards were then made to reward individuals who had made special contributions and commitment to assist the club.  Some riders received special recognition for their achievements throughout the 2013 season, Highest Points throughout the season, which went to James Angel, SW85.  Most Improved rider to Aaron Powell BW85 and Riders Rider to Zak Shuker SW85.

The last award of the evening went to one member of the club who was presented with “The Best Crasher” award for his continued ability to spend more time falling off his bike than riding it. He will obviously remain anonymous, JT Vets.

The evening was then finished off with many members enjoying the well deserved party atmosphere.

The Wem MX club has had a great 2013 season. A big thank you to all our supporters, trade, catering, land owners and of course the riders.   Thanks to all that have supported us with hole shot prizes/trophies throughout the year, and to the BSMA for it’s continued assistance.

We are looking forward to a successful 2014 season and we welcome all old and new members and riders to our small family friendly club.

wem presentation night (2)







Seniors Club Championships:
1. Frazer Martin: 533 Pts
2. Liam Jones: 455 Pts
3. Tom Beever: 250 Pts
4. Jack May: 234 Pts
5. Max May: 182 Pts
6. Joe Roberts: 91 Pts
AMX B Club Championships:
1. Nate Parsons: 604 Pts
2. Tim Breeze: 348 Pts
3. Jack Parry: 337 Pts
4. Chris Breeze: 330 Pts
5. Ryan Housden: 328 Pts

AMX A Club Championships:
1. Laurie Smith: 281 Pts
2. Scott Smith: 207 Pts
3. Luke Howlett: 184 Pts
4. Sean Smith: 156 Pts
5. Thomas O’Connor: 63 Pts

Vets / Evo / TwinShock Club Championships:
1. Charlie Beever: 459 Pts
2. Dale Childs: 375 Pts
3. Gary Davies: 360 Pts
4. Mike Allport: 351 Pts
5. Markus Parryus: 284

Auto Club Championships:
1. Cory Aldridge: 345 Pts
2. Seamus Taylor: 341 Pts
3. Charlie Keight: 304 Pts
4. Tyler Sheddend: 180 Pts
5. Kieran Taylor: 145 Pts
6. Jack Viner: 100 Pts




Junior/65cc Club Championships:
1. Archie Collier: 615 Pts
2. Owen Taylor: 564 Pts
3. Haydn Cook: 502 Pts
4. Jack Lindsay: 494 Pts
5. Morgan Evans: 156 Pts

Small Wheel 85 Club Championships:
1. James Angel: 665 Pts
2. Finley Smith: 535 Pts
3. Rory Jones: 488 Pts
4. Alex Thornton: 392 Pts
5. Harrison Holdcroft: 350 Pts
6. Ryan Manley: 335 Pts

Big Wheel 85 Club Championships:
1. Jamie Osbourne: 626 Pts
2. Aaron Powell: 458 Pts
3. Callum Beever: 451 Pts
4. Jamie Crump: 404 Pts
5. Silje Otte: 324 Pts
6. Aaron Bostock: 296 Pts