Jack the lad to give Bridgestone some swagger!

A talented young motocross rider from Gloucester is looking forward to the new season in inflated spirits, after the world’s largest tyre manufacturer backed his bid for national success.


Bridgestone has been so impressed by the ‘consistently brilliant’ performances of Jack Timms throughout 2014 that the brand has decided to put its name behind him in his two-wheeled title tilt next year.


The Whitminster youngster was in scintillating form during this season and narrowly missed out on the British Schoolboy Motorcycle Association (BSMA) Clubman’s Series, in between a string of high profile wins on a national level.


His progress alerted the attentions of Bridgestone, who approached the 20 year-old with a sponsorship offer, which includes a season’s supply of its premium BATTLECROSS tyres, along with clothing and equipment.


The deal underlines Bridgestone’s commitment to the world of motocross, which the brand is looking to gain even more traction in following the recent unveiling of a coveted range of tyres.


Jack said: “To catch the eye of Bridgestone in the first place is a big thing for me, but to be approached with a sponsorship is even better.


“It means the world to me as I have never been backed before. It will definitely give me confidence for the races that lie ahead, knowing that I have Bridgestone’s support.”


Jack has been racing since the age of six and dedicates many of his race wins to his father, without whom the bumpy road to success would not have been possible.


That’s not to say that his progress hasn’t been stunted by one or two obstacles along the way.


He added: “I’ve broken one of my legs, both of my wrists and a fair few ribs since I first started. Half of my teeth are false and I needed a skin graft on my wrist, too.


“It sounds pretty painful but I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I absolutely love the sport. I’ve never really played football, cricket or anything else. Motocross has been my passion for a number of years now and I couldn’t be more excited about the future.”


Bridgestone’s partnership with Jack arrives on the back of a hugely successful sponsorship of 17 year-old Rob Yates of Redditch, whose form has rocketed since the two teamed together.


Bridgestone’s training development manager Mark Fereday said: “We are thrilled at the prospect of working with Jack. He is a supremely talented young rider who has been consistently brilliant for some time now.


“He’s a modest lad, very down to earth with a wonderfully supportive family behind him. We know what it takes to be a success in this sport and we really feel that Jack has all the attributes.”


Bridgestone’s decision to sponsor Jack coincides with a renewal of its title sponsorship of the BSMA’s Clubman’s Series in 2015, which is expected to be a grander spectacle than ever when the action recommences.


All activity underpins the tyre manufacturer’s efforts to get its X30 and X40 products to a wider audience, both of which were launched in 2014 and received a glowing endorsement by seven times Dakar Rally competitor Mick Extance.


Mark added: “We feel that the future has never been brighter for us in the world of motocross. There are up to 100,000 motocross tyre sales in the UK alone per year and we have long felt that a high performance tyre – which is competitively priced – will be a compelling option for riders of all abilities.


“We feel we have achieved this with both the BATTLECROSS X30 and X40 tyres and with Jack behind the throttle, we have rarely felt more confident.”


For more information about Bridgestone’s motocross tyre range, visit http://www.bridgestone.co.uk/moto/