Last Minute Change to Highley for Cotswold

Cotswold Youth MC

March 9th 2014 BSMA Qualifier and CC Rnd 1

Cotswold were back on track at Highley to open the 2014 season.

Originally the plan was to run at Upper Sapey but a minute change to Highley was a clever move.

The track was prepped to perfection with all blocks of racing completed by 3.00pm

14 degrees and glorious sunshine greeted the Auto riders, who also raced with the juniors.

Tyler Smith was to take the overall with 2 fine wins and a second in the last moto. Lewis Roden took the 2nd step on the podium with a pair of seconds and a win in the last moto. Oliver Wheeler took the last step after a consistent days riding.

In the Juniors Bryn Brookes stormed to three classy wins for the overall. Hedley Longford did enough to take second spot. Charlie Palmer had picked the pace up as the day went on to take third overallShawna Hope SW (2)

.The Small wheels were up next where Dominic Lancett was untouchable storming to 3 comfortable race wins. Aaron Colley took the second spot with his best race being the last after a mistake in turn 2 to storm through the field to get back to second. Jake Samuel did enough to take the last spot…

In the big wheels Nathan Bache took another maximum with three solid rides. Silje Otte chased hard but had to settle for three seconds. Jamie Evans rode well for third overall.

Nadia Jones Seniors (2)The seniors were up next where most of the faces were on BW 85 last year, it was no surprise to see Alex Watton blast to the front with another maximum closely followed by Dan Wheeler in second and Brad Priest taking third

The AMX guys were next to have a crack at the fast sweeping track where Emerson Jones stole another classy maximum, lee Truman as always gave his best but had to settle for 2nd overall, Matt Mclean was another having a good ride for third overall.

The AMX Open guys were last to get to play but had some of the best racing of the day.

Chase Neal took the overall with 2 wins and a second, Darrell Simms rode hard to take a win in the second moto and 2nd overall. Scott Meredith had a good ride to take the last spot with three solid 3rds.

AMX Open

1. C Neale

2. D Simms

3. S Meredith

4. P Longford

5. R Bawn

6. T Watson


1. E Jones

2. L Truman

3. M Mclean

4. J Hill

5. A Nicholls

1. J Philpotts

Senior 125

1. A Walton

2. D Wheeler

3. B Priest

4. J Herbert

5. A Garness

6. N Jones

Senior Open

1. J Biddle


1. N Bache

1. S Otte

2. J Smith

3. W Bache

4. W Stansbie

5. D Bartlett


1. D Lancett

2. A Colley

3. J Samuel

4. C Watson

5. C Baldwin

6. C Jackson


1. B Brookes

2. H Longford

3. C Palmer

4. M Evans

5. T Williams

6. J Noon


1. T. Smith

2. L Roden

3. O Wheeler

4. R Delaney

5. D Meany

6. T James