Lilly Moves State Side

The BSMA Director’s, Staff, Club’s and members would like to wish Lily and Derek Hill their very  best wishes as they start a new chapter in their lives in California. They have decided to emigrate to join their sons, and will be sharing their time between Andrew and Dotty in California and Jeff, Diane and granddaughters Charlotte and Elle who live in Virginia 

Lill ( as she is fondly known) was secretary for the Cotswold club where both Jeff and Andrew raced,  before she became BSMA Secretary in the late 70’s until around 2005, then taking up the position of President. During that period Lily worked full time at GCHQ where she used her holidays to promote the BSMA along with Nancy Selwyn at various shows around the country. At these shows Lill and Nancy used their charms to locate prizes including bikes for the annual raffle along with promoting the BSMA. Many riders will remember Lill from booking in and lap scoring at the Weston beach race for many years.  Her dedication to the sport and to the BSMA was such that at one meeting, track building was done on the way to a wedding!

Lill also found time to write a regular column in the TMX with the headline “ View from the Hill” which not only promoted the BSMA but all youth motorsport.