Rodeo finish at All British

Severn Valley Schoolboy Scramble Club under their new committee racing under the BSMA banner were at Brookthorpe MX Park for the popular and well known All British two day mx meeting on Saturday 18th & Sunday 19th May. The team did a superb job with the track from the week after the GT Cup. The committee put on some fantastic evening entertainment with the 2013 All British Rodeo Bull Championship and what can I say Tim Truman made a good effort well for the couple of seconds he was on the bull, but the winners were Matthew Smith (Male All British Rodeo Champion), Lynne Collins (Female All British Rodeo Champion) and Billy Duke (Child All British Rodeo Champion).

There was a great atmosphere in the marquee on the Saturday night where the team had put on a disco and a bar for everyone to socialise and enjoying themselves after a hard days racing, but it was the Sunday presentation everyone was looking forward to see the trophies which were 26 inches tall for first place.

With 5 races over the two days it was the Seniors off the line first there was some superb racing from all the riders in the group, DBMX racing sponsored rider Josh Bishop was giving chase to the top runners both days in the Senior class and ended up in 10th overall from both days racing. Robert Yates got the overall win for both days and was All British Senior Champion 2013. Kyle Lane had a good weekends racing with taking race win for race 3 and ended the weekend with 6th overall.

As the gates drop for the next group on the race programme it saw the top runner Clinton Barrs take a 5 second lead from second place in the Open class in race 1. Race 1 saw some superb racing from the top 5 with Tye Bars taking 5th overall in the first race. Second block of racing saw Clinton take the lead, closely followed by the final block of racing saw Matthew Thomas take 3rd place with Luke Mellows take 1st place for day one. Sunday saw two blocks of racing and with a couple of stoppages the open class had a strong line up of riders but Jake Alsop took the top spot for race 4.

The Auto class had a fantastic line up of riders but the title of Auto All British 2013 Champion went to Harvey Cashmore, who had five race wins over the two days. He was closely followed by second place for the points , Charlie Parmer took all five second places over the two days and there was some superb racing from Zach Dunton who held 3rd place across both days even though he was closely followed by William Hyett in 4th place overall for both days.

65cc Class was dominated by four race wins by James Hyett after some superb racing around the technically track and give James the title of 65cc 2013 All British Champion, Jason Down got the fifth and final race win from some skilful racing from Jason to overtake James for the chequered flag for the end of the day. Billy duke had a good two days racing with taking second place on race three and four of the weekend after some close battling with James Smith.

MD Racing sponsored rider Ryan Tanner took all five race wins for the SW 85cc class and title of All British SW 85cc Champion. Ryan was closely followed by Louise Thomas on the Saturday and Aaron

Colley on both days, who ended up with a podium finish with 3rd place, but what a fantastic bit of racing from Jack Wankling who took 4th place overall across both days across the newly revamped track.

Number 67 Harry Pritchard took the All British BW 85cc Champion title after some close racing between himself and Dan Wheeler who got second overall for both days. Josh Bunter who ended with 4th overall got two second place finishes in races 2 and 4, he showed some great riding skill out on the track after the track rutting up nicely from previous races.

The full line up of Novice riders saw Chris Grindle take the overall win for the All British Champion title for his class after some spectacular racing and closing racing with Rikki English and Jamie Grindle. Rikki took three second places over the two days but had Scott Carter on his tail for 3rd place in race two and four.

AMX was a busy group for both days but the rider who took the lead all weekend infront of everyone was Carl Benjamin who had all five race wins but had a decent battle with second place Jack Timms who ended up with second place for both days even though he was leading a few times over the course of the weekend but Alan Pearce gave it all he could for 4th overall.

The All British will be back in 2014 once again at Brookthorpe MX Park, so keep your eyes open for more information.