972110_651662971512895_251769548_nR.Y.M.X.C  ran round 12 of their club championship this weekend at The Neuadd Penybont. The heavy rain did not deter them as they started racing at 10 am and ran all three blocks and were finished up by 3.15pm. First off the gate to brave the wet conditions was the autos and juniors. Tomos Wright was not fazed by the weather and took two out of three race wins and was unlucky in the last race as his bike wasn’t as keen for the weather as Tomos was which caused him a DNF. Adam Thomas was also battling the conditions well and took two seconds and was also unlucky to have a DNF in race three. Rheanna Morgan-Rogers and Levi Davies had some very exciting battles throughout the day and Levi living up to his 2012 trophy title “True Grit” stormed the field to take his first ever race win in the last race and the over all win of the day! The novice autos were troopers facing some very difficult races but Sion Evans managed two race wins, closely followed by Sion Wright with two race seconds, but luck wasn’t on the boys sides as both Sions and Iestyn Morgan were unable to finish the final race! Bad lucks boys but outstanding riding, a big well done to you all!

Also out with the autos were the juniors with Matthew Harries taking two race wins and a second, Trystan Williams was battling with Matthew and took one race win from him and battled on to come out with a second and fourth. Connor Thomas and Carwyn Rosser battled throughout the day and gave some good spectating. Further down the field the boys were still pushing hard as 971026_651668948178964_1681562437_nthe rain came down and Kian Thomas, Charlie Morgan and Jack Probert had battles on their own swapping and changing places as races progressed.

Next on the gate was the big and small wheels. Small wheel rider Ryan Rowlands who was recently back from injury the first race win, but Jamie Evans was close on his tail and wasn’t going to give in easily. Billy Jones put the pressure on Jamie and Ryan in race two and took the win and continued his well deserved winning streak in race three, followed by Jamie. Harry Edwardes had a brilliant day and pushed hard ahead of Jack Samuels, Giles Jones was in amongst the boys giving them a run for their money coming out with two thirds and a sixth. It wasn’t the best day for Iwan Roberts as he had to miss out the last two races due to mechanicals but took a well deserved seventh  in the first race, hot on his tail was Kyle Biggs who has come back from injury very well to race consistently all day. Alex Powell and Shauna Hope showed commitment finishing all three races pushing hard all day! The big wheel riders were lacking entry wise but the racing certainly wasn’t, Callum Evans stormed the racing with three well deserved wins as he pushed hard and wasn’t fazed with what he was faced with. Ieuan Morgan was to follow with three seconds and Hannah Pickersgill who was very determined took three thirds with some very good rides, well done!

The seniors was a big class and full of action throughout the field. Kieron Cooke was first but right with him was Adam James with close battles all day which swapped and changed but Adam took took two out of three wins from keiron. Joe Roberts took to the wet weather like a duck to water as the condtions got worse his race positions got better taking a fifth and two thirds. The ever improving Jake Green a deserved third and two fourths. Trystan Leyshon stuck too and rode well all day. Kiaron Watkins didn’t think too much of the wet weather but still showed commitment and finished all three races. Further down the field Connor Friel and Tamara Morgan battled through the raced with Connor having a very good race in race two uping his game! Well done to all riders!

The adult riders were last out and saw three very different race conditions throughout the day with, slippy, wet and sticky tracks! The experts were blasting off with Shaun Buchan storming the lead out of three races, with Karl Haycock giving him a run for his money in race one and taking the lead! Luke Morgan having some good consistant races behind the boys giving him second overall. Gareth Hughes took to the wettest race of the day getting a third in race two. Chris Hill and Jonathan Evans battling in the first race but Chris Hill had bike troubles and was unable to finish the day. Club rider Adam Morris didn’t have his best ride but is making a speedy recovery and we wish him all the best! The clubman class was easily led by Neil Thomas showing the youngsters how its done! Ryan Nicholls had three good races battling with Ryan Jones swapping places lap after lap. Aaron Martin was very unlucky with his bike giving up before he did and caused him to not start the last race but was up their with a second place in race one! Danny Morris making a bit of a come back  finishing two out of three races. The rookies saw Paul Williams take three race wins racing with some of the clubman in some races. Hannah Hope took three strong seconds battling hard to the end to fight off Josh Atkins with Three Thirds. The Vets were showing their age today! With Jonathan Williams taking a race win and Philip Coid taking a second in the first race but neither being able to start the second or third race!

A big thank you to all riders, spectators, marshalls, land owner and committee for braving the

weather and pulling off a great event!

Novice auto

1st  Sion Evans, 2nd Sion Wright, 3rd Iestyn Morgan


1st Levi Davies, 2nd Rheanna Rogers, 3rd Tomos Wright


1st Matthew Harries, 2nd Trystan Williams, 3rd Carwyn Rosser

Small wheels

1st Billy Jones, 2nd Jamie Evans, 3rd Giles Jones

Big wheels

1st Callum Evans, 2nd Ieuan Morgan, 3rd Hannah Pickersgill


1st Adam James, 2nd Kieron Cooke, 3rd Joe Roberts


1st Paul Williams, 2nd Hannah Hope, 3rd Josh Atkins


1st Neil Thomas, 2nd Ryan Nicholls 3rd Ryan Jones


1st Shaun Buchan, 2nd Luke Morgan, 3rd Liam Garbett