Sun was shining on Cotswold 21/7/13


Cotswold were back at Bromyard for the next instalment of the club championship.

Originally the plan was to run over two days but given the recent weather a decision was made to prep the track for one day, to try and control the dust.

Some light overnight rain helped and it was a cool grey start that greeted the riders for practice. The track was spot on and as usual a very fast flowing with all the jumps resurfaced, lay in wait for the AMX Guys.

The AMX Open guys were mixed where in the open class Scott Meredith led the way with two fine wins and a second in the last race. Ryan Bawn showed that he can still mix it with the youngsters to take the win in the last race 2nd overall, Mark Bayliss had a good ride to finish the day in third..

Nick Morris was the man to beat in the AMX group with a 2 nd in moto 1 followed by two wins in the rest. Alan Pearce another old head was quick to shine taking the win in the 1st moto followed by a brace of seconds to finish 2nd overall, James Philpotts was another having a good day to finish third on the podium.

The Seniors were away next where Rob Yates continues to shine with two classy wins and a 2nd in the last moto for the overall. Jack Biddle kept him honest with a pair of seconds and a win in the last moto for second overall, Ryan Deccon did enough for third overall.

The Senior Open guys were out with the 2 strokes where Luke Craig took the overall with a pair of wins and a 2nd in the last moto. Jack French was another with a pair of seconds in motos 1+2 and a win in the last race for second overall. Josh Bishop was consistent with 3

Thirds and the last place on the podium.

In the vets it Paul Longford that set the pace and was the 1st maximum winner of the day

Andy Watkins kept him in sight, and was a pleasure to watch on his KX500 proving talent does not always disappear with age. Steve Rowland was only 2 points behind Watkins to finish third overall for the day.

.The 85cc were out together where Bradley Priest had a storming day taking two wins and a second for his 1st overall victory. Well done Brad. Ieuan Morgan took the win in the 2nd moto

but had to settle for second. Callum Evans was tied on Points with Morgan but had to settle for third overall.

In the small wheels Dom Lancett on his second ride back after injury was quickly back to wining ways with two wins and second taking 1st overall, Aaron Colley keeps improving taking the win in the 1st moto and second overall. Cal Watson had a strong ride to take the last place on the podium.

Next out were the juniors where Kyran Billing  put on a classy show with a 1-2-1 scorecard but was kept honest by Hedley Longford with a 2-1-2 score for second overall. Billy Collins was another that was having a good day riding well for third overall.

The club also ran a EVO group which was great to watch!

Kevin Saunders took the overall with a 2-2-2 scorecard. Matt Hinchman looked set for the win

With 1-1-6 scorecard but problems in the last moto meant he had to settle for second. Dave

Cameron went 4-4-4 for the last place on the podium.

The Autos were away last where again Zac Dunton looked set for another maximum until his bike died in the last moto pushing him back to third overall. Charlie Palmer entertained the crowd with his daredevil jumping and with Duntons bike on stop took the overall in the last moto. Lewis Roden Had another good day to take third on the podium.

AMX Open

  1. S      Meredith
  2. R      Bawn
  3. M      Bayliss
  4. E     Renolds
  5. P      Kilby
  6. S      Callow


  1. A      Morris
  2. A      Pearce
  3. J      Philpotts
  4. T      Thompson
  5. D      Giles
  6. K      Wallace


Vet Open

  1. P      Longford
  2. A      Watkins
  3. S      Rowland
  4. L      Barrett
  5. S      Sheppard
  6. M      Evans


  1. A      Little
  2. B      Emms
  3. O      Jenner
  4. B      Boswell
  5. M      Norris
  6. P      Wenlock


Senior 125

  1. R Yates
  2. J Biddle
  3. R Decon
  4. J Hunt
  5. H Ebutt
  6. A Garness

Senior Open

  1. L      Craig
  2. J      French
  3. J      Bishop
  4. J      Newell
  5. D      Billingham


  1. B      Priest
  2. I      Morgan
  3. C      Evans
  4. J      Collins
  5. H      Pickersgil
  6. J       Phil


  1. D      Lancett
  2. A      Colley
  3. C      Watson
  4. W      Wheeler
  5. R      Baker
  6. E      Ruck


  1. K      Billing
  2. H      Longford
  3. B      Collins
  4. C      Jackson
  5. T      Garness
  6. J      Noon



  1. C      Palmer
  2. Z      Dunton
  3. L      Roden
  4. C      Wheeler
  5. R      Forest
  6. B      Mustoe