The BSMA and Datatag

Datatag_small26,000 motorcycles are stolen in the UK every year!

That’s 77 bikes a day and most of them are less than 3 years old.

But these figures don’t include unregistered motocross and trials bikes, which are easier to nick, re-identify and sell on.

We all know someone who has been a victim of this sort of crime. Sadly it’s all too common and can often cut short a season or even a career in our sport.

For many years the BSMA have led the way in trying to tackle this problem by asking for members frame and engine numbers.

Now, with the launch of the Official MASTER Security Scheme, the BSMA have the ultimate weapon in tackling bike theft.

What is the Official MASTER Security Scheme?

From 1st March this year, new motorcycles will leave UK showrooms with fitted with the new

MASTER security system. Comprising microchips, Datadots® and other markings, these machines are virtually impossible to ‘de-identify’.

One of the key identification marks that most people will see is the unique MASTER security warning and identification label on the frame:

This is a tamper evident label that is virtually impossible to remove. It is designed to stay on the bike.

The number is the motorcycles unique identity and enables a police officer, race official or technical official to quickly and easily identify the machine.

As of March 2013 almost all of the UK’s major manufacturers will be installing MASTER on new bikes.

KTM for example will be installing the system on all new 2014 machines in the autumn of 2013.

By 2014 we will start to see increasing numbers of off road bikes fitted with the system.

This means that if a thief removes the label he is telling everyone that the bike is suspicious.

Dealers will be able to refer to the label to check the provenance of a used bike, as will you when looking to buy a used bike.

BSMA will be asking for this “MASTER number” when you join your club!

Added Benefits

When an unregistered off road bike is stolen, it is very hard for the police to identify it because there are no records on the DVLA database.

For this reason, all new off road bikes fitted with the MASTER security system will also be registered DVLA Off Road Register. This means that if its is stolen the police will be able to access the Datatag ACPO Home Office approved database as well as the DVLA database to check the identity of a machine.

All of this adds up to make your new off road bike highly UNATTRACTIVE to thieves.

It also means that thieves will actively target older bikes without the Datatag/MASTER system fitted.

To help you protect your existing bike you can take advantage of a special BSMA Member Price of £34.99 for a Datatag off road system.