The BSMA leading the way into a bright future

The BSMA leads the way in its fresh new approach to the 2013 season.
At a recent delegates meeting the members voted to postpone the BSMA national series for the remainder of the 2013 season to allow efforts, budget and time to be put back into other areas of developing motocross for the grass roots rider.
Several organisations already host an ever increasing number of national events in the UK, but who is really looking after the vast number of riders and clubs who do not want to take part in these more expensive and sometimes very pressurised events. The answer is the BSMA.
In deciding to take a step back from hosting a national series this year the BSMA is forward thinking in not following in the descending footsteps of other nationals but instead is majorly boosting its already fantastic clubs and events which have been the starting point for many British and GP stars of today and the past.
With the economy slow to recover from the hard financial times which most people are caught in the BSMA believes that we should be helping riders and their families to enjoy the sport in a relaxed friendly surrounding. By keeping the costs as low as possible it will enable people to be able to enjoy a larger quantity of events throughout the year.
Each BSMA club already hosts its annual two day event of which many now are also connected to raising money for charity. By increasing the promotion of these events and helping each club to obtain maximum line ups. We will enable riders to race at fantastic events without spending too much of their hard earned money on items such as fuel to travel further afield.
The BSMA is focusing on looking forward and promoting the sport to new people including potential riders, sponsors and in some areas new clubs. It’s these people who will go on to become the National, British and European stars of the future. If you ask the UK’s top riders of the sport where they started racing none of them would say any different than at a local track with my local club and quite a lot of them would say they started racing at a BSMA event with a BSMA club.
With dedicated fresh young faces in many of the roles within the organisation and the clubs we look forward to pushing the BSMA into the future with its unique flagship events such as the Semi finals, a huge revamped final and very enjoyable team event.
Something we all learn on the track is never follow another rider, because to progress forward you need to step out of their line, make your own race line and make the move to push ahead and overtake.
Do you want to be part of the BSMA when we move ahead?If so or to find out more information then please visit our web site or call the BSMA office on 08456 016251.

Full refund is being given, if you could contact the BSMA office on 08456016251 on Monday with card details.