Blessed with some great scrambling weather SVSSC and Warley Wasps held a joint meeting at Upton Court, the fantastic hilly grassland circuit was in tip top condition ready for the large number of eager riders from auto to veteran. Six blocks of racing were crammed in and despite a visit from the air ambulance in the main all ran smoothly. Autos kicked off both days and it was Severn valley’s Zach Dunton who took a maximum 6 out of 6 wins completely dominating all his races even taking time to fall, re-mount and still continue to complete the lap in front. Ollie Wheeler got 2nd overall, managing 4 runner-up spots after a fall in moto 1 had him playing catch up, handing 2nd to Jack Viner. Roan Delany secured 3rd having had to move up through from mediocre starts, with Jake Randell only 5 points behind and could of been challenging for runner up had he not had so many slip ups.


Juniors could of gone one of 4 ways with the track heavily watered on Monday to stop any chance of dust Bryn Brookes seemed to excel which had it stayed that way could of played right into his hands, but it was Charlie Palmers day, launching off the big downhill ski jump in a manor many of the adults could only dream of his consistent scoring over both days put him on the top step racking up 3 wins on route. Billy Duke managed wins in the opening and final race to take second with Hedley Longford lead at times and his overall consistency gave him a podium step.


Small wheels had 3 riders head and shoulders above the rest, Dominic Lancett, James Hanscomb and Luke Woodhouse with lap times 5 seconds a lap quicker than the rest they were soon in a different race to the others with Lancett taking all the wins and the other 2 trading podium steps but with Hanscomb getting 4 2nd’s to Woodhouse’s 2 he took 2nd overall. Not even Severn Valley’s s/w hotshot Jayden Murphy could make an impression on this trio joining the action on Monday.


Big wheel action was fast, furious and hard to call. Oliver Consterdine dropped himself out of overall contention in race one when he went missing 3 laps in while battling hard at the front, but Jordan Riley wasn’t to be denied, but for one race it would of been a clean sweep, that one went to Brooklyn Evans with Consterdine 2nd. James Bates kept up a high scoring points card to come home for 3rd and Nathan Bache lost out to Mitch Evans after falling on the first lap of moto 5.


Seniors saw 2 separate riders sharing the wins, Jake Ford stole the limelight on Sunday with a clean sweep but in the slippery conditions of Monday didn’t fare as well with Kieron Cooke fighting hard to put his 125 in front of the 250f’s. Ford spent too much time on the floor Monday handing Cooke the overall. Dan Wheeler tried to capitalise on the opportunity and got 2 more 2nd spots to add to one from Sunday but not quite enough to overhaul Ford for 2nd.


The vets was shaken up a lot by several top scoring riders only competing one out of the two days, first 2 races went to Shaun Sabin, but he was pushed by brothers Justin and Scott Senter, Justin taking the 3rd race with Sabin a non starter. But none of these 3 took part on Monday and all 3 races on the second day went to three different riders creating some interesting racing. Overall went to Jamie Grindle taking 1 win, John Evans took the last race but Grindle better first day put him clear, Matt Evans came through with a worst result of 6th to take 3rd overall.


Novice adults popular as ever filled the gate, no less than 4 different moto winners made it all count on right down to the last race and only 6 points separated the top 4 all with race wins. Ryan Thomas came out victorious over Joel Curtis, his starts costing him the overall. Kyle Proctor’s final 2 race wins pulling him up into 3rd.


The open adults was a rapid pace with Chase Neale only competing one day and taking 2 wins he didn’t factor overall, it was Andrew Gillett and Robert Lewis rubbing plastics with Gillett being the lady luck not on Lewis’s side on day 2 taking a stone to the radiator causing him to nurse his bike home to salvage points. Ryan James improved over the weekend just nicking 3rd from Daniel Wilcox.


AMX was a close affair with 8 points covering the top 3, a fall mid way into the 4th race cost Dan Jagielski the overall, Karl Haycock right there to pick up the win in that race and the 5th to secure enough points to penalise Jagielski’s mistake. Lee Truman continued his recent form to battle hard to take 3 3rd’s and 3rd overall


Auto. 1.Zak Dunton(270), 2.Ollie Wheeler(248), 3.Roan Delaney(236) 4.Jake Randell(231), 5.Jacob Harley(220), 6.Teagan Nightingale(212)


Jun. 1.Charlie Palmer(260), 2.Billy Duke(252), 3.Hedley Longford(246), 4.Bryn Brookes(244), 5.Jordan Gould(215), 6.Jordan Turner(211)


S/w 1.Dominic Lancett(270), 2.James Hanscomb(254), 3.Luke Woodhouse(250), 4.James Smith(219), 5.Aaron Colley(206), 6.Kyle Biggs(193)


B/w 1.Jordan Riley(264), 2.Brooklyn Evans(245), 3.James Bates(230), 4.Mitch Evans(216), 5.Nathan Bache(213), 6.Oliver Consterdine(211)


Sen 1.Kieron Cooke(262), 2.Jake Ford(254), 3.Dan Wheeler(250, 4.Jack Biddle(226), 5.Jordan Wright(205), 6.Brad Priest(203)


Vet 1.Jamie Grindle(252), 2.John Evans(240), 3.Matt Evans(230), 4.Philip Coid(193), 5.Colin Yeend(189), 6.Dave Cooper(182)


Nov 1.Ryan Thomas(254), 2.Joel Curtis(252), 3.Kyle Proctor(252), 4.Lewis Marshall(248), 5.David Jolliffe(209), 6.Richard Brayford(184)


AMX 1.Karl Haycock(260), 2.Dan Jagielski(256), 3.Lee Truman(252), 4.Andrew Fitzgerald(232), 5.Chris Grindle(209), 6.Joran Saunders(206)


Open 1.Andrew Gillett(260), 2.Rob Lewis(240), 3.Ryan James(207), 4.Daniel Wilcox(203), 5.Jono Hawkins(189), 6.Chase Neale(133)