WEM Ending 2014 on a High

Saturday 17th January saw WEM MXC annual presentation, this was held at WEM Ex Serviceman’s Club. They pride themselves as a small club with a very friendly atmosphere and that was exactly what you got, a very friendly happy event in which there were a lot of very happy children and adults, Trophies were given out by their host for the night Steve Payne, Steve along with his glamorous assistant Silji Otte, trophies where presented by AMCA champion inn 1999 Martin Beddows.

First up were the automatics

1st Jack Viner

2nd Tyler Shedden

3rd McKenzie Marshall

4th Alfie Davies

5th Kian Conde Wood

6th Jonas Brown

7th Kieran Taylor



1st Bridgestone mounted Morgan Evans

2nd Seamus Taylor

3rd Jack Lindsey




1st Finley Smith

2nd Sam Davies

3rd Harrison Holdcroft

4th Lewis Charlton




1st Mikey Watson

2nd Ryan Manley

3rd Joe Field

4th Sam Allsop and Jack Painter

5th Tom Coles

6th Zac Shucker

Medals were given to Adam Crump, Callum Beever,Ben Walker,Silji Otte,Josh Charlton




1st Jamie Crump

2nd Aaron Powell

3rd Charlie Painter

AMX A Group

1st Overall Luke Howlett


AMX B Group


1st Thomas O’Connor

2nd Jack Parry

3rd Mark Otte

4th Harvey Ricketts

5th Chris Viner




1st Mark Parry

2nd Chris Shucker

3rd Gary Davies

4th Barry Morgan

5th James Taylor


1st Mark Parry


Perpetual trophies for 2014

Highest point scorer kids – Auto Pilot Jack Viner

Highest points – Jamie Crump

Top Crash – Jamie Crump

Top Vets Award – Chris Shucker

Club Commitment Award – Tim Viner

Committee Award – Mark and Luke Howlett

Most Improved rider – Adam Crump

Chairmans Award – The Powell Family

Riders Rider Award ( which the riders vote for) Jack Viner


Flowers were presented to the ladies that help out with booking in and transponders, Sue Childs,Sue Parry, Tina, Zoe,Lone Mandi and Tracey.


Chairman Pete Crump thanked everyone for coming and wished everyone a safe 2015