About BSMA

The British Schoolboy Motorcycle Association (BSMA) is a confederation of clubs set up in November 1969 to facilitate youth motorcycle sport. It ran its first season in 1970.

It was at this time that youth motocross was emerging and it was not greeted with universal enthusiasm. There was however, a growing band of people that could see the benefits of encouraging riders to take up the sport at an early age.

BSMA clubs run good events every weekend for riders who wish to ride locally and the majority of riders only ever wish to compete at this level. The BSMA however, run all sorts of other events. We run a National Series for those that want to take their riding to a new level, this naturally involves some travelling but the standard of riding is as good as you will see anywhere and the tracks used are some of the best available in the country.

We also run a National Championship for every BSMA licence holder, with initial qualification coming from individual club championships, through a series of semi finals and ultimately to a final, to decide who is the best rider in the BSMA. This meeting is the high spot of the BSMA calendar.

At the end of the season the BSMA run an inter club team event, which is not only a fantastic sporting occasion but a very sociable event with all clubs competing across the groups.

The International, The Best of British, The Auto Championship and the Girls National even are all major events run by the clubs and supported by the BSMA.
The BSMA is a forward thinking organisation, an associate member of the MCIA that seeks to promote the sport for the benefit of the sport, the clubs and the riders and we are always open to fresh ideas.

Although we are a company limited by guarantee and we try to make a small profit to make sure that we can function efficiently, any profit that is made is invested back into the sport.

We put the sport and the clubs first, that is why we ensure that our insurance package is the best available. We work in conjunction with our insurance partners, Integro Insurance to ensure that all clubs, officials and riders are both fully covered and protected.

We have a team of people that have a wealth of experience in running events and an organisation that is set up to provide the clubs with the expertise and experience they need, whether sporting, legal or financial, to be able to help them run efficiently and comply with their legal obligations, which are getting more complex every year.

Most of the top riders have ridden with the BSMA from Dave Thorpe, Graham Noyce and Jamie Dobb to Tommy Searle and Stephen Sword. John Reynolds and Bradley Smith now as associated with superbikes have all done it the BSMA way. We have bred champions and provided good quality sport for thousands at all level.

Because we are you, the clubs and the riders, we were set up by you and we answer to you. This is the BSMA way.

We are actively looking for new clubs in all areas of off-road sport and new riders who would like to be part of the BSMA way.