Getting Started

Getting started in MX with the BSMA

To join the BSMA is very simple, just look on the affiliated clubs page to find a club which is in your area, then go on to BSMA Website  to obtain your licence and club membership for your chosen club you will need to upload a photograph when doing the licence, if this is your first BSMA licence you will need to send proof of age to the BSMA office , this can be done by email or post.  All race events are on the BSMA calendar or  facebook , to book in for these events simple go on Go Race MX for some clubs and their facebook pages for others.

Make sure you have clear directions to the track as some can be a little tricky to find, on route look out for the orange BSMA arrows.

When you arrive at the track go to the signing on area,  you will always need to sign on and scrutineer before the rider can go onto the track.

Club officials will instruct you and your rider about the process of scrutineering your bike and carrying out the short test to make sure the rider is capable and safe to take part in the event.

If you are unsure of any of the above processes or would like to talk to the BSMA for further information please call the BSMA office on 07436563264.

For more information and friendly advice call:
Tracey O’Connor – 07436563264  or email

BSMA Rule Book 2020